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Trailer Bulletin: All films for 2011

It must be that time of the year, the time to put your feet up, kick back and look at the year that was! There is nothing better than the year in review, a chance to see all the best films in one fell swoop. Thanks to hatinhand, we have a comprehensive look at the … Continue reading


Popcorn Cinema

  • Now that was a fast and furious ride. Mara, Oldman, Malik, Extremely Loud... very interesting nom day, that's for sure! 6 years ago
  • Unable to watch video of #oscar noms, so hoping that everyone keeps me in the loop! (looking at you Academy!) 6 years ago
  • RT @cinemanova: Looking forward to #Oscar Noms but 2011 field is no 2010. A few gems but where's the colour of Black Swan, The Fighter, ... 6 years ago
  • BTW picking seven in Best Picture, Swinton to miss out, and Tinker Tailor to be completely forgotten! (Probably with good reason). 6 years ago
  • Hoping the Oscar noms go the way I planned, or else it will be a long hual to win the Oscar Auction this year! Mara is my dark horse! 6 years ago
  • RT @PopcornJunkies: So much #goldenglobes snubbage this year, I can't wait for all the film geek outrage *manical laugh* 6 years ago